Pediatric Oral Surgery & Anesthesia

What is Pediatric Oral Surgery and Anesthesia?

Children may need to see an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon for a variety of reasons. Some of the procedures that a child may benefit from include:

  • Frenectomies
  • Cleft lip and palate repair
  • Cyst or tumor removal
  • Removal of warts or other skin lesions
  • Impacted tooth exposure
  • Dental extractions

When your child requires surgery, it is our goal to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Anesthesia can be used to reduce pain and allow your child to “sleep” through their procedure. This allows your child to be free of the stress, anxiety, and fear during their surgery.

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Why would Pediatric Oral Surgery and Anesthesia be needed?

Pediatric oral surgery may be needed for many reasons. Oral surgeons can fix oral deformities such as a tongue or lip tie, or a cleft lip or palate. If your child has an impacted tooth, surgery can be done to expose the tooth to allow for orthodontic work. Dental extractions and wisdom tooth extractions may also be required.

Anesthesia is useful for reducing anxiety and improving comfort during surgery. Bad dental experiences can stay with us for life! Anesthesia can help prevent your child from having a negative experience during their surgery.

Who is a candidate for Pediatric Oral Surgery and Anesthesia?

Most children are good candidates for pediatric oral surgery and anesthesia. Prior to any procedure, we will review your child’s medical history to ensure they are healthy enough to undergo the surgery. We will do a thorough examination and review x-rays prior to treatment, customizing their treatment plan to fit their needs.

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What happens during Pediatric Oral Surgery procedures?

When your child comes in for their procedure, they may be given anesthesia to prevent pain, anxiety, and discomfort during surgery. Your child will be thoroughly monitored throughout the procedure to ensure their safety. We take this very seriously! Our doctors are experts in providing safe, effective anesthesia for children. In addition, they are parents, too, and treat each child as one of their own.

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What is Pediatric Oral Surgery and Anesthesia?

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